יום רביעי, 16 באוקטובר 2013

This week began the recordings and are already preparing for the channel to receive what will be his new fiction. This paper will detail how the story and characters of my old friends.
In the cast are Nicolas Cabre, Gonzalo Heredia, Nicolás Vázquez, Emilia Attias, Calu Rivero, Agustina Cherri and the "plus" of one of the pairs most requested by the public and several television stories of love to his credit: Osvaldo Silveyra Laports Soledad.

The cast is completed by Federico Amador, Victorio D'Alessandro, Felipe Colombo, Benjamín Rojas, Sebastian Almada, Diego Perez, Claribel Medina and Manuela Pal. Colombo and Rojas together again after having been in 2002 Erreway male performers, the band that brought the strip Rebelde way to the screen.
Simon (Nicolas Cabre), Julian (Gonzalo Heredia) and Manuel (Nicolas Vazquez): Three friends who met at age 8 playing football in the club district. Now, with 30 years each, and having traveled very different paths, friends meet again.
's of Cabre, Simon is a character who is in the midst of a crisis with his wife, Rocio (Agustina Cherri), and fought with his dad, Cholo (Osvaldo Laports). Simon makes deliveries on a logistics transport company while things start to happen with Tania, who will play Calu Rivero.
Julian Reality (Gonzalo Heredia) is very different, player, womanizer, comes from the outside and fall in love with Barbara ( Emilia Attias), who also plays football.
Manuel (Nicolas Vazquez) has a bar, is filled with bills to pay and is nostalgic for the old days. He is who complete these three old friends who will cross again and get one on the very different lives of others.
Motivated by Inés (Soledad Silveyra), mother of Julian, is that they give reencuentrp of three in the head office that saw the club become friends, and now is in bankruptcy. Returning to action will make an appearance there as well as Andrea Claribel Medina, the treasurer of the institution. The only way to save the cluib will be putting together a team and winning a tournament, the excuse for this story and the lives of its protagonists have a meeting place.
As far as could be learned the production of Pol-ka recordings began this week of what will be the next story to reach the screen Thirteen: My friends always. Source: